Total Field Mobile

How do Field Technicians impact your NET Profits?
How do your Parts & Materials usage impact your NET Profits?
How does your Labor Cost impact your NET Profits?
Here are the facts: the Services game has changed, have you?


Mobilize your Field Technicians with TOTAL FIELD MOBILE (TFM) and increase your Profits with the following results:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased billable hours
  • Track accurate labor hours (ability to analyze billable vs non-billable hours)
  • Capture more qualified Leads
  • Sell more Preventative Maintenance Agreements
  • Turn PMs & Inspections into a Competitive Advantage – ask us how
  • Build great Customer Loyalty
  • Add one additional Service call per day, per Technician = $$$
  • Increase average ticket price by 25-35%
  • Drive more 5 Star online reviews
  • Track Field Technician Flatrate efficiency performance
  • …and much more…

Total Field Mobile helps you take back control of your business !

What are your controllable costs of doing business??……
1) Labor Cost ……automate timesheet and Labor tracking for true Job Costing
2) Parts & Materials – streamline Inventory Management for every Truck in the fleet. Yes, you finally have the ‘systems’ in place to track Inventory.

Inventory = CASH and has a huge impact on your Net Profits !!

3) Streamline your back office Operations & Office Staff. Free them up to do more value add work to help the business grow and prosper.

Total Field Mobile is fully Integrated with Total Service Enterprise

Performance Alert: Your office and field Operations are all integrated processes. Your Systems have to do the same.
Are you using systems from “multiple Software Vendors” ? If you said yes, you are hurting your business and will never achieve the results you are wanting.
Call us now to find out why. 214-272-8360

How Total Field Mobile will streamline your business &Field Techs…

  • Fuel Savings – No more technicians driving to the office to pick up his Service tickets. They automatically show up on his Smartphone or Tablet
  • Service History – No more calls into the office to find out what previous service calls were made, what was done, parts used, what the resolution to the problem was, when was the service done, etc… All Service History is at his finger tips
  • Where’s my Technician? – no more outbound calls to find out where your techs are and when they will finish the job. Real-time time stamps telling your Dispatch when he is Enroute, Onsite and Completed the Job. All job status is reflected in the Total Service Dispatch Board
  • Onsite Equipment info – Technician now has Online visibility to all equipment information for each Customer location
  • Automated Time Sheets – how many times do you have to call your Techs to send in their weekly timesheets? Not anymore. Technician hours are automatically captured in Total Field Mobile and your office staff simply runs our custom “Technician Weekly Timesheet”. No more paper timesheets!
  • Inventory Management …Finally – you can finally track your Inventory and eliminate that “leakage” problem you’ve had since you owned the business. Technicians can easily select from the TFM Inventory table what parts were used. And Total Service will produce a “replenishment order” for your Technician to restock his truck Inventory. Save $10,000s every year.
  • Capture Photos & Customer Signatures – want to reduce billing disputes? Send (email or mail) the Customer Invoice with their employee’s signature verifying your Technician did work the number of hours on their invoice.
  • Customized PM Checklist & Inspections forms – all those paper forms filled out by your Technicians. You know how Technicians love filling out paperwork. Eliminate all those paper documents with TFM’s online Customizable FORMS software for inspections, surveys, PM Checklist, task list, regulatory compliance….to name just a few.
  • Online Sales Quotes & Proposals– increase your closing percentage with real-time Quoting. Track the number of quotes by Technician or Sales Rep along with close ratios. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
  • Online Invoicing – convert your Sales Quotes to Invoices for onsite collections (COD) and increase your cash flow
  • Pay by Credit Card in the field – no problem. Streamline credit card collections that automatically updates your Total Service Accounting System in Real-Time.

CLICK HERE to request a FREE Trial of Total Field Mobile and prove to yourself how you can INCREASE YOUR NET PROFIT and streamline your entire Enterprise Operations.


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