Service Operations

  • Dispatch & Scheduling

    The key to an effective Dispatching & Scheduling application is your ability to fully customize how the Dispatch board is laid out, your ability to quickly identify the caller as a current Customer or new Prospective Client. It’s also important that you can quickly capture the information you need to schedule the call and capture the Customer’s needs.

    Total Service Dispatching is flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs that maybe different than the other Dispatchers in your company. One size does not fit all.

    Dispatching must also provide you relevant information about that customer such as:

    • Service History – what previous services have you provided in the past
    • Onsite Equipment – ability to quickly look up what equipment they have onsite (Mfg, Model #, install date, etc)
    • Account Remarks that help you “personalize” the call
    • Service Agreement – do they have one, when does it expire, is there an up sell opportunity?
    • Financial – does the customer have any outstanding invoices
    • Sales Sources – ability to capture how they heard about you

    With this type of information, you are able to “personalize” the call which helps to increase your opportunity to book that service call.

    Dispatching is about speed, connecting with the Caller and effective up selling.

    Lastly, is an INTEGRATED SYSTEM. You must have a system that runs off a ‘single database’ that is fully integrated to the rest of your Enterprise systems. By using our Total Service Enterprise ALL in ONE system, you eliminate searching through multiple systems and re-keying the same data into MULTIPLE Systems. That’s disruptive to your business.

    For example, if your Field Technician calls in for a Purchase Order (PO), you can ‘right click’ and the PO create screen will pop up. Not only you can create a PO on the fly, but you can also assign that PO to the Service Ticket to track JOB Costing data. With multiple software systems you lose those streamlined processes. The result is poor Job Costing data and lost productivity.

  • Integrated GPS

    THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. The good news is that the most Service Companies have installed GPS tracking devices in their trucks. The bad news is your GPS system is NOT INTEGRATED to your Dispatching Software! You have two separate systems that don’t talk to each other. The result: Lost revenues, higher costs & unhappy customers

    Dispatching & Scheduling is about efficiency and speed. With two separate systems you run into several issues. Your Dispatcher is not as effective because they have to enter the same data into two separate systems. Your customer is still on the phone waiting for your Dispatcher to offer a convenient schedule option that works for them. Your Dispatcher is taking too long and loses out on the ability to upsell the Customer. The result: lost revenues.

    Total Service Dispatching solved that problem. We Partnered with Tom Tom’s Web fleet GPS system to provide you a ‘single fully Integrated’ solution.

    Enter the data once, quickly locate the nearest Service Technician and book the call. Now you a happy customer along with fuel savings and higher productivity in the field.

    Click here to request our Integrated Dispatching & GPS System whitepaper.

  • Sales Source Tracking

    How can you improve your return on investment when it comes to your Marketing & Advertising Programs?

    With Total Service Enterprise we can help you increase sales by 15%-20% every year. Here’s how…….

    Sales Source Tracking & Analysis – here’s a fact. If you cannot ‘easily’ run a report that gives you this data, you will NOT increase sales. The reality is, as the Owner of the company, you don’t have time to wait on excel spreadsheets or reports you can’t trust. The data has to be available in real-time. If you are running multiple systems there is no real-time access. You have to wait on excel spreadsheets with data you don’t trust. With Total Service, you click a button and you have your Report that tells you which Ad Campaigns and Sales Source are producing the best results.

    Here’s an example………

    The TS10 Solution. When your company phone rings, your Customer Service Rep (CSR) or Dispatcher can quickly identify the Caller, ask them how they heard about you and select a drop down menu with a customized list of your various Sales/Lead Sources. Aka How did your caller find out about you?

    That data is entered into our single database. That’s critical. A single database makes it easier for you to run a Report and Analyze which Campaigns are producing the most revenues. Why guess? You don’t have to with Total Service Enterprise.

    When was the last time you viewed your Sales Leads Report? Are your best lead sources: Google, Yelp, Truck Ad, post cards, referrals, radio ads, etc?

    What is your most effective Marketing Campaign?

    If you didn’t say “E-Marketing” you are missing out on $1,000,000 in revenue opportunity. That is not a typo.

    Click here to request our whitepaper on how Total Field Mobile can drive your Email Marketing Sales Campaign.

  • Purchasing & Inventory Management

    Two of the most important systems in your company and probably the most poorly managed.

    Sure you have a purchasing system but is it integrated with your Job Costing system? Are your people creating POs but not sure what Service / Work Order they are assigned to?

    Inventory Management. Are you tracking your Inventory? I understand it’s not easy. But what’s the cost to not to manage your Inventory?

    What is Inventory? Simply put, it’s a pile of CASH sitting in your trucks and warehouses. Not to mention the ‘leakage’ problems.

    Do you track how much cash you have in your bank account? Sure you do, then why don’t you track your Inventory cash?

    The main reasons are:

    • You don’t have the “systems” in place to do it effectively. What we mean by systems is a combination of:
    • Policies & Procedures – you have to define, document, and implement clear cut policies and procedures your employees understand. They have to be held accountable. But you also have to provide them the tools to be successful.
    • Technology – frankly, this has been the missing link. Specifically at the Field Technician level. If a Technician cannot EASILY enter in his Inventory used, your efforts will FAIL. End of story. Today, tracking Inventory at the Truck level is just too hard. So most Owners don’t take this challenge on. Sure, every Owner knows they will save millions of dollars $$$ over the course of several years. They understand the ROI is incredible and can drive significantly higher NET Profits. That’s why it’s so frustrating…..Total Field Mobile has SOLVED Your Problem.
    • The Warehouse “Czar”– This employee is absolutely critical to effective Inventory Management. This employee is the leader on managing Inventory, replenishing the Trucks and helping the Field Technicians understand the processes and policies. It’s key to everyone being held ‘accountable’.
    • The Inventory Software – Frankly, this is an easiest part. Most Inventory software will do the job. Total Service Inventory does. It’s the above mentioned items that make or break an Inventory Management Program.

    CLICK HERE to request the role of the Field Tech Mobile application and how you can finally implement an Inventory Management program.

  • Maintenance Agreements

    The Life blood of every Service Company. It’s all about your “re-occurring” revenue model.

    Driving sales on a daily basis is a lot of hard work. Some call it a “grind”. It’s especially difficult during those times of the year when things slow down, your phones are not ringing as much and you need your field techs busy.

    One of the biggest challenges in a Service Company. Sure there are a lot of Owners out there that have done a great job building up their Maintenance business and have hundreds or even thousands of annual Maintenance Agreements. Congratulations to those Owners.

    However, the reality is the majority of Service Companies struggle to build this critical business model and revenue source. Why is it so hard?

    There are several reasons: .

    Book Keeping System only – if you are running your Service Company on a book keeping system like Quickbooks, Peachtree, MAS90 or an older system, building and maintaining this business will be a challenge. To be a successful, you have to invest in an all in one Integrated Enterprise system. Using excel spreadsheets and reoccurring Invoices is not an integrated system. What you have are pieces coupled with a lot of manual processes. The poor results of your Maintenance business are a result of your poor systems in place.

    Selling & Renewing Maintenance Agreements – Again, you need a system and processes to achieve results. Can you easily track your month to data Renewal rates?

    Sorry, but having an “auto renewal clause” in your Agreement is not the answer. The bottom line is the Customer will always decide if they want your PM Service or not. Auto renewal is what we call false hope. You need an integrated system that automatically contacts the customers to schedule their Preventative Maintenance Services. This is especially critical if you are in the Residential business.

    Of course, if you have Agreements with Commercial type Companies then renewals and scheduling service calls are more automated.

    Selling the Agreement – most Companies understand the benefits of Preventative Maintenance Agreements or a Home Safety Inspection (if you’re a Plumbing co). But how do you PROVE THE VALUE to the Customer?

    Most Customers are asking this question – What am I getting for my money? This goes for both Residential Home Owners and Commercial Companies. What’s the real value?

    Today, most Service companies use paper based “Checklist” forms. What happens to those paper forms? Do they end up in some paper folder back at the office? Does the Customer get a copy? Do they understand the value you provide?

    Your ROI opportunity

    • What if you could turn those Inspection forms into a Value add Service to your Customers?
    • What if you could gain a Competitive advantage with a value added PM Service Report?

    The Solution– the combination of our Total Service Enterprise software coupled with Total Field Mobile will take your Maintenance Service business to the next level.

    Join those other Total Service Customers that have built a thriving and extremely Profitable Maintenance business!

    SEE the Maintenance Solutions page for more details

  • Equipment Tracking

    Tracking the equipment (manufacturer, Model, serial #, install date, last service date, specifications, warranty terms, etc) at each Customer location is critical to your business.

    Extending this visibility to your Field Technicians with our Total Field Mobile application is a key.

    Maintaining a detailed equipment information along with the service history builds stronger Customer Loyalty and ultimately higher profit margins.

    You can also attach pictures for each service ticket for more effective troubling shooting and reduce billing disputes.

    Noting installation dates can also be used for your Replacement Marketing Campaigns to drive new sales opportunities.

    Reporting and Analysis drives Equipment Sales! – once you capture this data in our Single Enterprise database, you can easily run customized reports to support your Marketing Campaigns.

    When is the last time you sent (or emailed) out Marketing letters “alerting” your customers that you had a Special offer to replace their 15-20 year old equipment? Start today with Total Service Enterprise.

  • Sales Leads

    Who is your best source of Qualified Leads?

    How can we help you increase sales and NET Profits?

    Some basics first. What is your process to get visibility of those qualified leads generated by your Field Technicians?

    What is your process to get those leads to the person responsible to follow up and close them? Time is of the essence. The Customer will soon forget that conversation they had with your Field Technician.

    Here is what happens every day. Your Technicians are onsite at a Customer and fill out his paper based Service ticket and or Invoice. He writes down his “recommendations” for additional services the Customer needs but they either don’t have the authority to approve it or they are not ready to approve the service. They want to “think” about it.

    Hey that’s a qualified Lead, but what happens to that lead?

    If you’re really honest. Not much. It’s on paper and eventually the paper Ticket or Invoice will make its way back to the office. It will go into a stack of other tickets. The office staff will re-enter the service data into multiple systems. But what about that Qualified Lead?

    Did the Owner, Service Manager or Sales Rep get “instant” (same day) visibility to that Lead? Time is of the essence. The Customer will forget your Technician’s Recommendation conversation.

    What about your Technician?

    Does he have an incentive to make recommendations and pass on leads?

    Do you measure his performance by the number of Qualified Leads he sends back to the office? Why not?

    Oh, you do, that’s great. Can you please send me a copy of your Field Technician Leads Report by week, by month, by Quarter and of course for the year. Please no excel spreadsheets, those are not accurate nor timely.

    The Solution– with our integrated combination of Total Service Enterprise & Total Field Mobile we will provide you a real-time visibility to all LEADS. We will even provide you the access to Reports on a daily, weekly basis showing you by the Technicians who are producing the most leads and associated Sales $$$.

    Yes we can help you to increase your qualified LEADS by 10-40%. Higher NET Profit too.

  • Route Planning

    For some industries, your field technicians deliver preventive maintenance services to a set of assigned customers. The challenge is figuring out what the most efficient and most profitable route to put in place would be. Most companies guess or make assumptions to figure out routes.

    Deciding on the best route requires information. Such as: distance traveled, number of Customers, units or equipment to be inspected, how long each piece of equipment takes to do the PM Inspections, etc. With Total Service Route Planning you can make informed decisions on which route is best for each Technician based on real data.

    When things change, you are simply going into Route Planning and run your what if analysis.

    No more need to “guess” what the best route is and how many Customers and pieces equipment your Field Techs can handle.

    Analyze, decide, make adjustments & take action. It can be that simple.

  • Safety Test, Violation, Inspections & Compliance

    We have found that most companies are managing these internal processes with excel spreadsheets and a lot of manual efforts. The problem is, most Cities and or States are putting in policies that often end up with a financial penalty for non-compliance. Those penalties get expensive, negatively impact your Profitability not to mention the impact it has on your Customers.

    Total Service provides a customizable solution to meet both your process needs along with insuring you stay compliant with your various agencies so you can deliver your services on time.

    Our Customized Reporting and Analysis also helps you know which Customers are due for their inspections so that you can effectively schedule your Field Technicians and avoid all those potential penalties.