Payroll System

  • Payroll

    Total Service has extensive labor costing tools available, regardless of whether you choose to use payroll or not. Additionally, federal and state taxes, union wages, deductions and job specific wages are fully supported. Total Service even runs certified payroll reports when required.

  • Employees

    Detailed information about each employee is available in one screen, including wage categories, deductions, year to date pay data, census information and cost burdens. Even if you aren’t using the payroll module, the employees cost burdens and call signs will be inputted for job costing and dispatching purposes.

  • Processing Payroll

    With the click of one button the process payroll screen will collect the employees’ time for the pay period and show a preview of their detailed checks. Total Service fully supports union payroll and job specific wage rates and deductions.

  • Time Card Input

    Total Service provides a quick method for entering time for construction crews. The Time Card Input screen allows you to specify an employee’s time for multiple jobs and wage categories over any pay period. Time is entered directly into this screen, completely bypassing the dispatch board.

  • Additional Payroll Features

    There are many additional payroll features available in Total Service, including:

    Detailed employee information
    Ability to set up and dispatch crews
    Unlimited number of wage categories
    Unlimited number of deduction categories
    Full process payroll screen that automatically calculates technician’s time for a pay period and preview the checks before they are processed
    Time card input screen for construction employees
    Employee unavailability screen – blocks out time on the dispatch board
    Year end closeout with W2’s for each employee
    Direct deposit services available
    Certified payroll reports
    Extensive list of payroll reports

    Federal & State Payroll updates: Automated Integration works closely with the Federal government and State government agencies to insure TS Payroll meets all payroll regulations along with the key Payroll reports.
    This includes updates throughout the year along with the prime tax season at the Calendar Year End.
    Note to Customers that “outsource” their Payroll processes. Total Service Enterprise will still capture all the employee labor hours that feed directly into our Job Costing module so you will always get true Job Costing and Profitability Analysis even if you outsource your payroll.

    ADVANCED Features:
    Automate your Field Techs Time Keeping system with Total Field Mobile

  • Your number one Cost of doing business is LABOR. Labor has a huge impact on your overall Profitability. Accurate Labor Cost is absolutely critical, but too many service companies are still using paper based weekly or daily time sheets filled out by your Field Labor force.

    Total Field Mobile (TFM) automates your Field Employees Timing keeping system !
    With TFM you will streamline capturing your Field Technicians labor hours and get more accurate hours. All hours will automatically be captured into your Total Service Database in real-time.
    By a click of a button, your office staff will be able to run a “Technician Weekly Time Sheet” for Payroll purposes. No more chasing down Field Techs weekly timesheets, no more re-keying all those labor hours into your Payroll system. We automate that process!