• Total Service Enterprise

    Increasing your NET Profit to double digits
    Growing your business
    Tracking the PERFORMANCE of your business and Employees
    REQUIRES an “ALL in ONE” fully integrated Enterprise system from a single vendor.

    Why? Simply put, because your BUSINESS PROCESSES are all integrated and if your software systems are NOT then you will work harder for LESS RESULTS. Those are the facts.
    A Single Integrated Enterprise vendor solution will streamline your integrated business processes resulting in higher productivity, access to real-time information and ultimately higher profits

    Total Service is a completely integrated Enterprise software package that streamlines your entire Service Operations that automatically generates your financial transactions through Accounting, Job Costing and Payroll (labor).
    What separates us from all software Competitors?
    We designed this multi-user software package from the ground up exclusively for the repair, maintenance, construction and high tech industries. It is designed to maximize the productivity of each user while providing real-time information on any facet of your business when you need it.

    Total Service simplifies the process of running your business by automating all routine tasks and by moving information logically from the initial point of entry all the way to completed documents without having to double-enter a single piece of information. This fully integrated package includes the following features

  • Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable is an integral part of every business. Total Service helps you seamlessly manage and track your customers, their maintenance contracts, balances and service history. Information is only a click away.

    Details regarding any piece of information listed in Total Service can be accessed by simply double clicking on the item. You don’t have to search through multiple menus to find the details.

  • Maintenance Contracts

    Maintenance and service contracts are a major part of many service companies. Total Service automates the billing and scheduling aspects of these contracts. You indicate the appropriate billing cycle, the start date, the type of service and the amount charged per cycle. Additionally, you specify the frequency of the scheduled service and the preferred day and time. This information is entered only once. Then once a month, with the click of a button, your invoices and service tickets are automatically generated and scheduled.

  • Invoices

    There are a couple of other ways to invoice from Total Service. You can generate work in process billing invoices, complete with AIA documents, or invoice directly from a completed ticket. This method allows you to bill for any items included on Purchase Orders, AP Invoices or items used right out of the truck. Total Service provides many professional invoice templates to choose from and your logo can be included on any of these reports.

  • Collections

    At a single glance you can determine which customers owe you money and how long overdue their accounts are. By scrolling through the collections screen you can immediately insert internal notes and email (or print mail or fax) statements to the delinquent customers.

  • Additional AR Features

    There are many additional accounts receivable features available in Total Service, including:
    Work in process billing
    AIA documentation
    Invoice by quoted price, time & materials, not to exceed, flat rates or manually
    Automatically process maintenance contracts
    Calculate finance charges
    Detailed collections screen
    Renew and escalate maintenance contracts
    Customer internet access to invoices and service history available
    Print dozens of accounts receivable graphs and reports including Statements, Aging, Invoices and GL cross reference reports


    The Accounts Payable module is the hub of job costing expenses, issuing purchase orders and paying your bills. Total Service enables you to manage all open orders and seamlessly receive delivery when the items arrive at your warehouse. AP invoices are automatically generated when a shipment is received.

  • Purchase Orders

    Three types of purchase orders can be created in Total Service. General PO’s are used for office supplies. Inventory PO’s are used to replenish stock and determine inventory value. Job PO’s are attached to a specific job and are immediately job costed as committed costs. When the material is received, it becomes an actual cost. Additionally, they can be included automatically on the AR invoice when you bill the customer.

  • Bill Payment

    Total Service provides various methods for paying your bills. Automatic Payment generates checks based on a set of guidelines you provide such as due date or invoice date. Manual Payment provides you with a list of outstanding invoices so you can choose which ones should be paid.

  • Additional AP Features

    There are many additional accounts payable features available in Total Service, including:
    Detailed vendor information
    Job, inventory and general purchase orders
    Ability to receive delivery on items and automatically turn them into AP Invoices
    Generate AP invoices manually
    Manual payment of invoices
    Automatic payment of invoices based on user criteria
    Generate checks individually or by batch
    Detailed vendor ledgers tracking all invoices and payments

  • General Ledger

    Total Service is a fully integrated accounting program complete with all financial reports and banking functions that every accounting package provides.
    Additionally, we offer cost center reports, a budgeting package and comparative reports that help you analyze the financial aspect of your business.

    Are you using a ‘separate’ book keeping system (i.e., Quickbooks, Peachtree, MAS90, etc) ?

    Have you asked yourself this question: could a separate book keeping system be holding back your business?
    Regardless of what Dispatching software vendors tell you, your separate Dispatching program and separate book keeping systems will NEVER talk to each other. Regardless of what those software sales reps tell you in their Demos. It’s not reality.
    Here is the reality. Whenever your Company delivers a Service, it automatically creates a financial transaction. With Total Service, Operations and Financial Accounting are all integrated and streamlined. With a separate book keeping you CAN NOT GET JOB COSTING, not to mention you end up “re-keying” financial data into that separate book keeping system. Re-keying data, really? That’s old school.
    Here are a few interesting questions about your Quickbooks system…..

    • HOW has your separate book keeping system helped your business to grow?
    • Can you get real Job Costing & Profitability by JOB in real-time? Can you Job Cost at all?
    • What Value to the business does Quickbooks add?
    • Is the “comfort zone” of your book keeper worth holding your company back?

    Automated Integration has replaced 100s of book keeping systems like Quickbooks so you can take your company to that next level and help you achieve DOUBLE DIGIT NET PROFITS.
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