Sales & Marketing

Your Biggest Company Challenge…….


Who in your company impacts your Sales Performance ?

What Sales programs do you have in place?

What programs work and which ones don’t? Why?

Who are your most productive Sales Techs?

What’s the real Problem =No Visibility….You lack the data.

Most Service Companies do NOT have the information in a single database to Track & Analyze the Performance of the Company nor its Employees.

Without Performance information you work harder and stay stuck in low single digit net Profits.

What’s the ANSWER?

Accept this fact: if you cannot TRACK the Performance of your Sales Reps & Sales Techs you will never improve. If you cannot measure it, you can’t improve it.

THE SOLUTION: Access to Real-Time PERFORMANCE Dashboards.

QUALIFIED LEADS -Do you want a simple way to increase your Qualified LEADS by 50%?

We can help you do that with our Total Service & Total Field Mobile Applications.

What is “Revenue Leakage”?

It’s about Processes. We have talked to 100s of Owners and found that one of their most ineffective internal process is the handling of Qualified LEADS? ?Approximately 85% of Service Companies do not effectively follow up on their Qualified Leads. This is a fact. We call that “revenue leakage”. Lost revenue.

Another Leakage is Non-Billable Hours. See Total Field Mobile section for more details on that.

Marketing & Advertising Annual Spend – Increasing your Return on Investment.

What do you spend every year on Marketing / Advertising Campaigns? What percentage of Revenue? Do you know what the most effective LEAD Source is and how 90% of Service Companies don’t take advantage of it?

Do you track your Lead Sources? If yes, can you tell me your top 2 Sources now?

Field Technician Profitability

Can you run a real-time report by Field Technician that shows you who your most Productive and Most Profitable Technicians are? Do you have the data to back it up?

If you are running your business on Quickbooks or some other bookkeeping system, the answer is usually NO. Another revenue leakage problem.

What do your Customers really think about your Service ?

Let us show you how to get rid of those online nasty 2 Star reviews and create more 5 Star ***** Reviews in Google, Yelp, etc……

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