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  • Total Field Mobile Partners with Google

    Mobilizing your Field Operations is a Game Changer !
    It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a must do in order to stay competitive

  • Total Field Mobile will streamline your business and Increase your NET Profits. We guarantee it!

    Android Platform

    The Android (Owned by Google) Platform has quickly become the leading Application Development platform in the world. Owned by Google and designed to be an “Open Platform”, Android provides you many cost effective options in both the choices of applications and the hardware devices to choose from. Whether it is a Smartphone or tablets, Android offers the most cost effective options in the market. This provides you choices and flexibility to meet your particular needs at the lowest cost. Not the case when you consider a sole source provider with limited options.


    One of the most powerful ways to INCREASE YOUR PROFITS is by streamlining your Field Operations with the right Mobile application designed specifically for your Field Technicians.


    Automated Integration has leveraged the power of the Android Platform that provides you the competitive advantage and ability to increase Profits at the lowest cost in the market.

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  • Enterprise systems in the “CLOUD”….. it is the future
    “I wanted to outsource my I/T headaches, the Cloud was the answer”

    The Problem. Here’s the bottom line. Your computing and network needs are changing. They went from fairly simple to highly complex. Providing your Field Technicians with Mobile technology is one of the bigger factors. More complex software applications running on database technology is another.

    Couple those challenges with finding a knowledgeable, cost effective I/T Company and the Cloud has become a great option. An option that gets your focus back on the business.

    MOBILE Technology changed everything.

    Running a simple bookkeeping system on one or two workstations was easy but now you have out grown your current infrastructure. If you really want to grow your business, you cannot “piece meal” your systems. That will actually hold you back. The answer is in a single fully integrated Enterprise system.

    Running in the Cloud is cost effective and keeps your focus on growing the company.

    Now the entire company is “online” and the need to access more information is a cost of running a business.

    The bottom line – your business infrastructure is getting more critical and more complex. Complexity means higher cost and more issues.

    The Solution: You want options right

    With Total Service Enterprise solutions, we give you two excellent options. More and more software companies are “forcing” you into the Cloud. That’s self-serving and may not be the answer for your company. We give you the both options: run your software locally on your Server or run in the Cloud. You get to choose.

    Automated Integration gives you options that are best for your business and budget. Our Enterprise applications can either be installed locally on your Server or you can choose to run Total Service software in our VOS Cloud. With us, you get choices that best fit your needs.

    FITECH is the white glove Information Technology firm serving the real estate, Elevator, HVAC, Plumbing, Overhead Door, Security & Fire, and medical service driven companies.  FITECH can host your instance of Automated Integration’s platforms in their state-of-the-art private encrypted cloud within their Tier 3 data centers for the highest level of security and redundancy. FITECH ’s Help Desk monitors, manages, and remediates every network device to keep your entire technology platform working optimally while evaluation services such as our network audit will determine your networking needs while proactive penetration testing identifies any potential security weaknesses.  FITECH  is your IT department.

  • Webfleet GPS by Tom Tom
    An Integrated Solution to streamline your business

    Today’s Problem: Many Owners have invested in GPS systems in their service trucks. Some are realizing a savings, but many are not. Here’s the problem.

    Does your GPS system integrate or “talk” to your Dispatch system?

    75% of you said NO. The result is your Dispatchers are inefficient and customer service drops and cost rise. You also cannot track Performance Metrics that can help you improve your business and profits. For example.

    Do you know your on time arrivals percentage by each Field Technician? If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

    Do you know what your ‘non-billable travel time’ is by Field Technician by week, by month? Is your travel time billable or not? Again, more profits leaking out of your company. Total Service can change that.

    Today’s Solution: the issues mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why Automated Integration formed a strategic Partnership with the Tom Tom Company. The leader is GPS tracking systems.

    Want to learn about all the benefits of an Integrated Dispatching-GPS Tracking system and how it will increase profits and service levels?

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  • Microsoft SQL Server Database technology

    Microsoft’s SQL Server Database is one of the world’s leading database technologies. Total Service Enterprise software leverages this technology to provide you performance data about your company, customers, field technicians, CSRs, Dispatchers, Service levels, and host of other business Performance metrics you must track in order to grow your company and have the information to make informed decisions.

    The combination of Total Service Enterprise and Microsoft’s SQL Server provides you that information in real-time and helps you increase sales, services and profits. This enterprise database technology is key component that enables the Total Service “Performance Dashboards”.

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    Automated Integration has leveraged the power of the Android Platform that provides you the competitive advantage and ability to increase Profits at the lowest cost in the market.
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