Medical Equipment

Taking your Medical Equipment & Services company to the next level


We understand that you are in a very competitive business.
Our Customers are dedicated to deliver the best equipment performance and service reliability for critical medical equipment (such as: Linear Accelerators, CT Scanners, ultrasound Equipment, Ultrasound Probes, PET/CT Scanners, MRI Equipment and other modalities to name just a few).
The medical equipment & services repair industry is a very competitive business. Finding a competitive advantage is often difficult. That’s where Automated Integration comes in.

Total Service Enterprise Solution provides you a unique Competitive Advantage !

Competitive Advantage #1…You must “Mobilize” your Field Engineers with mobile technology.
It’s all about Down Time or in our case, UPTIME !

Reliable Service is essential and any failure of your medical equipment means that patients miss vital treatments. Your Customer’s facility loses critical revenues. And schedules get thrown into chaos. That’s why your company needs Total Service Enterprise software.
We help you streamline both your Field Service operations and your back office systems. Automating these processes means higher profits and higher service levels for your company.


Take your company to the next level by “mobilizing” your Field Engineers.
Streamline your Field Technicians and increase Sales &Profits !

Common business and system challenges in your industry include:

  • Your field processes have not changed for years and often still paper based
  • Field Operations are not integrated to office systems
  • long billing cycles and poor cash flow
  • Do you know which Agreements are the most profitable?
  • Can you get customized “Call back reports” in real-time?
  • Who are your most productive Field Engineers? Do you have the data to prove it?
  • New Installations lack Job Costing data resulting in lower profit margins
  • Lack visibility to “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs)
  • Poor Inventory Management and missed revenue opportunities
  • …the list goes on……

Enterprise software and Mobile technology is the answer.

Click here to request our whitepaper on how to mobilize and streamline your field and back office operations.

Total Service Enterprise software is affordable and we’ll have you up and running in 4 weeks; guaranteed!

  • Real-time Dispatch & Scheduling
  • Routing Planning
  • Customized Call back reports
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts & Billing
  • Tracking Devices (all types) by Location with detailed specs for each device
  • Customized Survey / Inspection forms
  • Instant ‘Downtime” reporting
  • Job Costing with Profitability Analysis for every job. Did you make money on that job?
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements & Profitability Analysis
  • Installations with Profitability Analysis (includes: Budget/Actual/Variance Analysis with WIP/AIA billing)
  • Fully Integrated Accounting & Payroll (certified)
  • Financial & Profitability Reports and Dashboards
  • Field Mobile Application designed specifically for the Field Mechanics
  • Full Data Conversion from your existing systems over to Total Service Enterprise