Maintenance & Inspection Forms

Automated Integration is the leader in growing your Maintenance Service business.

Why is this a critical part of your business?

It’s about creating a long term “re-occurring revenue model” in your business. Maintenance Contracts are the life blood of your business. Not to mention how they build long term Customer loyalty and increase the valuation of your business.

So why are you struggling to build up this part of your business?

Why are your new Maintenance Agreement sales and renewal rates so low?

That’s easy. You lack effective Systems. You just don’t have best in class processes nor the Systems in place to grow this critical aspect of your business, so you work harder, not smarter.

Question: Do you know today how many New Maintenance Agreements you Sold this week? This Month?

Question: Do you know what your year to date “Renewal” percentage is?

Best in class companies have an 80%+ Renewal rate. But those companies also have processes and systems in place to drive that type of performance. Do you?

The Answer: Total Service Maintenance Agreements & Contracts module. You simply click an icon and your monthly Maintenance Contracts are auto generated. This includes generating both invoices and Service Tickets to be scheduled.

Profitability Analysis- can you tell which Customer Agreements are more profitable than others? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is NO. Quickbooks will never give you these answers.

Field Technicians – who are your most productive Field Techs? Do you have the data to prove it?

Inspection Checklist Forms- are you using this Service as a competitive advantage?

Do Sales Reps use them to win business?

  • Paper forms. Every Contractor has their paper check list forms. Field Techs fill them out and then what? What happens to those checklists? Do you send them to Customers? Do they add value to your business?
  • Competitive Advantage – how can you make your PM Maintenance Services a competitive advantage and win more Contracts at higher profit margins?
  • No one else can offer”… these are magical words of every Sales Rep. No one else can do what we do Mr. Customer. Those words drive Sales at higher profits.

The Answer – With Total Service’s Flexible and Customizable Inspection Forms software, you too can create a real competitive advantage.



Automated Integration, a leader in providing field service mobile and inspection software, announced today the release of Customizable Forms software.

Through Total Service Enterprise & Total Field Mobile, our software automates mobile field inspections and inspection management processes. Through a mobile application suite, our software helps organizations improve inspection consistency and productivity by automating the creation of mobile inspection templates, streamlining the performance of field inspections with a cross-platform, native mobile application and providing centralized management and reporting of inspection data.

Inspections are an integral part of the work performed for many industries and organizations, whether for worker, equipment, installation jobs, regulatory compliance requirements, preventive maintenance, sales, assessments to name just a few.

Automated Integration automates a wide variety of field data collection processes, including safety inspections, checklists, punch-lists, audits, assessments, surveys, observations or other types of inspections. Traditionally managed with manual, paper-based processes or disconnected spreadsheets, inspection processes can be automated with Total Service Inspection Software, from mobile field data collection to management reporting.

“Manual inspection processes for field-intensive organizations can have significant productivity and profitability results,” said Rick Lanpher, President of Automated Integration.

Total Service FORMS is a big step forward in providing clients the ease and configurability of being able to design native, mobile inspection applications essentially on the fly. Within a day or less, companies can convert their paper or spreadsheet forms to a true enterprise mobile app.”

Total Service & Total Field Mobile FORMS software field-driven organizations with the flexibility they need to keep up with the rapid advancements in the mobile marketplace.

From simple field data collection to complex inspections, VEIL software offers an advanced suite of inspection automation capabilities, including:

Total Field Mobile & Flexible Forms– Field personnel perform inspections with features such as:

  • Automated sub-inspections
  • Photo capture
  • Guided inspection templates
  • Signature capture
  • Customer Inspection & Performance Reports

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