HVAC Residential


Enterprise software designed specifically for the HVAC Residential Market

With HVAC Residential Contractors, across North America, running their entire Enterprise operation with Total Service software, it’s no wonder why Automated Integration is the leading provider in the small to medium market today.

Since 2004, we have been an Industry Partner in both the ACCA, PHCC & QSC industry associations.

These Partnerships have allowed us to work hand in hand with Owners across the country to incorporate their best practice ideas into our Enterprise application. When you invest in Total Service, you gain the advantage from the insights of hundreds of other owner insights and ideas. That’s leverage to help you grow your business and increase your Profitability.


The NEXT WAVE is here and it’s all about streamlining your Field Technicians with our Mobile Application. Results include…..

  • Increased Sales
  • Produce more 5 Star Ratings in Google & Yelp
  • Reports that show you who are your most efficient & most Profitable Field Techs
  • Increased Office Staff Productivity by 50%
  • Speed up Cashflow
  • Increase Average Ticket Price
  • Eliminate expensive Call Backs
  • Increase Billable Hours (#1 impact on your Profitability = Non-Billable Technician Hours)

So what is holding your company back?

Why is double digit Profitability a struggle?
The Answer is simple…….it’s your bookkeeping system! Really? How?

Ask Yourself. Are you running your Services business on a bookkeeping system like Quickbooks, Peachtree or old out dated computer system?
Are you managing your “Revenue Operations” (services, new installs, replacements, Spring Fall PM Services…etc) with manual processes, whiteboards and spreadsheets?

How is your bookkeeping system adding value to your company?
Do you have real-time Job Costing & Profitability Analysis?
With Total Service Enterprise you will get….
KPI Performance Dashboards:

  • Technician Performance tracking: Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly
    • Average ticket price
    • # of Call backs
    • M Agreements Sold
    • PM Agreements renewed
    • 5 Star Online Ratings (Google Yelp…)
    • # of Sales Leads Generated
    • Sales by Week, Month & Quarterly
    • Profitability & Efficiency ratings
  • Company Performance Tracking
    • Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Sales Vs Targeted Goals
    • Profitability
    • On-time Service Calls %
    • Call Backs
    • Profitability
    • # 1-5 Star Ratings
    • Service Calls to Close %
    • # New Customers Closed
    • Lead Generation
  • Billable & Non-Billing Hours tracking

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Double digit Profitability can be a reality.

  • Real-time Dispatch, Scheduling & GPS tracking
  • Field Tech Mobile app with Customized PM Checklists
  • Integrated FlatRate Pricing
  • KPI Performance DashBoards
  • Preventative Maintenance Agreements & auto Billing
  • Track Equipment & Warranties by Location
  • Job Costing &Profitability Analysis for every job. Did you make money on that job?
  • Integrate Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting & Payroll (certified)