Implementation Process

Critical information to consider when choosing an Enterprise software Vendor …
Evaluating Enterprise software is only one component of what it takes to be successful. Too often, business Owners rely on software vendor online DEMOs to make their decision on which software company to go with. This is the most common mistake while choosing a software.
The Implementation process is the key to your Success. Here is why….
The following steps are critical to your success but it’s also where most software vendors fail.
Not Automated Integration. Our Implementation process separates us from all other competitors and insures your success.
Let’s take a look at how we are different from all other software vendors…….

Implementation Process

Software vendors can either focus on their SALES Process or the EXECUTION Process. Automated Integration’s focus is on how we “execute” to insure your success. Buying software is the easy part.
What separates us from all other vendors is our Proven Implementation Process. Like any other process, our Implementation process is a proven method that will bring your project in on time and on budget. It’s not just about training you how to use the software. Total Service Enterprise software is flexible and “configurable”. Step one is setting up the software to reflect your best practices that will streamline your business. A business is a series of related processes across the enterprise. Taking an enterprise approach (Vs. departmental) is a critical step to your success.
Unfortunately most software vendors use implementation as a place to cut corners and save cost. With Automated Integration, you will be assigned an Application Consultant that will lead you through the process through going live in your new Total Service Enterprise system.
Our approach not only insures you that we will take better advantage of the software capabilities but we will also eliminate any risk involved with deploying new software across your company.
See our Implementation Guide for additional details

Our Training Process – Yes we are unique & more effective

Another critical process. Training adult employees is a skill unto itself. During the implementation process, you still have your business to run. We understand that and work with you to schedule a series of ‘one hour’ online training sessions.
The benefits to you are:

  • One hour time slots are much easier to schedule
  • One hour sessions are most effective from a learning and comprehension perspective
  • You are not pulled out of the business too long,so your customers are not affected

Each online training session is live with a senior training instructor and every session is recorded. Reviewing the videos will help to further reinforce your understanding on how to take full advantage of your new enterprise system. At the end of our process, you will end up with a Video Training library that employees and new hires can continue to learn from.
See Implementation Guide for additional details

Data Import & Conversion – most vendors get this wrong!

Data Conversion is another area that most software vendors don’t spend a lot of time on during your software evaluation. There is a reason for that. Most companies do not have the expertise on staff nor the technology to accurately convert your data into the new Enterprise system.
You must make your software vendor “prove” to you that they have the experts and technology to do this. Ask for their document
that will prove to you it can be done. Bad data is one of the leading reasons why Implementation projects fail.
Automated Integration has a proven process and the programming tools to successfully convert your existing data into your new Total Service software database.
See our Data Import Guide for additional details

Going Live

Going Live is not the end of the process. Actually it’s the beginning of the process to use a new enterprise system. With any new system, employees are excited and anxious at the same time. With 100s of implementations, we understand this and factor that into how we support you that first couple of weeks.
The first week of go live, your Implementation Specialist will have a series of additional training and Q&A online sessions scheduled with your team. This insures all goes smoothly and employees’ questions are answered. Your Implementation Specialist is essentially “on call” during this week.
Conclusion – the above process will determine if you are successful or not. Make sure you get all the details and fully understand how your software vendor has documented this process to verify your overall success. As they say, the devil is in the details.

Microsoft Computing Environment
Total Service Enterprise software is developed in the Microsoft platform. It is important for you to verify that your current Microsoft Server is running a recent version which is compatible with Total Service software.
See TS Systems Guide