Customer Success Stories

Plumbing Company – We invested in Total Service Enterprise software to run our Plumbing company over a decade ago. We were using a book keeping system to run our Services company. On the operations side of the business, we were using spreadsheets and whiteboards to schedule our Technicians. As we grew, it become apparent I had to do something. I also struggled with getting the information to help me grow the business and increase our net profits. I just couldn’t get information in one place. We had lots of spreadsheets. As an Owner, I need performance information to set goals, set budgets, and grow our profitability. Three of four net profits wasn’t acceptable any more.

With Total Service, you not only get 300 standard reports, they also provide a very unique “custom reporting” service. I just send them my request for a custom report and they send it back to me in 2-3 business days. This has greatly reduced the number of excel spreadsheets floating around the company. I now have Performance information I can trust and make the right business decisions. After all, I run my entire operation on one integrated system. I don’t know what I would do without Total.

HVAC Company – One of the early challenges I had in my company was while I have been in the HVAC business for over 20 years, I really don’t have a lot of experience with software technology. I didn’t know how to put together an “Enterprise Systems Strategy and as a result, I made the same mistakes a lot of Owners make. I held onto my book keeping system and added a Dispatching software program from a different vendor. I was told by the Dispatching Sales Rep the two systems would “seamlessly integrate”. The reality is, when you have different vendors involved, they do not integrate, or what I called talked to each other. As a result, my office staff had to re-key all the data from one system to the other. That was counter productive. I also could not get the information I bought the systems for and that was accurate Job Costing. Because Total Service is one integrated system, I now have real-time Job Costing & Profitability at my finger tips when I need it. Now I can make business decision with data to support them.

Elevator Services Company – I am the owner of an Elevator Services business. Unlike a lot of Service companies, our industry has alot of unique requirements to run a successful business. The elevator business is regulated, we have to do annual safety testing on all our units, multi-year maintenance contracts are the life blood of our business and large modernization projects drive a lot of our revenues. Every job is critical to our business. When we looked at Total Elevator Enterprise software it was obvious to us how well the software was designed to fit our business.

It was clear that Automated Integration was not the ‘jack of all trades’ type software vendor. Their strategy is to focus on a few specific Service Industries sop they could bring that level of expertise we were looking for. More of a Partnering approach. After all, our Enterprise systems drive our business. . That gave us the confidence that Total Elevator would continue to support our business needs for years to come. And now they have extended our enterprise with their Total Field Mobile app to further streamline our Operations. It’s a good Partnership. Automated Integration has always been a software company that Partners with their Customers to drive enhancements that help their Customer grow and prosper. So if you’re looking to grow your business, Total Elevator is a no brainer. Especially given the fact they have over 200+ Elevator Contractors running their entire business on Total Elevator.